Monday, April 30, 2012

"Knowing" vs "Using"

Here’s another example of my favorite topic – “knowing” vs “using” information.

Refer to revised bloom's taxonomy. It talks about six levels of performance.  Level 2 maps to “knowledge”, whereas level 3 maps to the “application” of information. 

Option 1 (Know)

Match the features of following software modules with their names.

   Modules                                                   Features
·         Connect                                                     Is used to manage connectivity within a building
·         Enterprise                                                 Helps manage all POUs from a central location
·         Base                                                            Is used to manage connectivity within a building
·         Power                                                        Is required to run all PIM modules

Option 2 (Use)

Your customer has three buildings in a campus environment. One of the buildings houses a formal data center, and the other buildings simply use telecommunication rooms for patching. They want to document their connectivity throughout the data center and the enterprise from a central location. Which module will you offer them?
  • Connect
  • Enterprise
  • Base
  • Power
While option 1 helps learners know the features, option 2 helps learners understand the customer requirement and provide a solution accordingly. Besides, option 2 requires learners to know the information too. 

Which option will you use?

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